3 Situations That Warrant Help From A Worker's Compensation Attorney

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Getting injured on the job can be a complex situation, especially if severe injuries resulted. Fortunately, worker's compensation is available to pay for the medical costs that occur. If you're trying to get these benefits, it's wise to hire a worker's compensation attorney. They can assist with the following situations.

Claims Denial 

When people file for worker's compensation, it's rather common that they get denied. There are many reasons why this happens. The claim may not have been filed correctly or on time, or the employer may dispute the claim.

Whatever the case, you need an experienced worker's compensation attorney to help you follow up with an appeal. They'll go through the proper channels, finding out why your claim was denied in the first place. An appropriate strategy is then developed to address these previous issues, so your claim goes through the second time without delay.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Having a pre-existing condition can certainly complicate this entire process. For example, if the injury results in symptoms similar to your pre-existing condition, insurance companies will try to muddy the waters and prove your pre-existing condition is responsible for your medical woes. 

An attorney can prove that's not the case, with thorough medical reports. They'll show exactly how the injury occurred, and effectively break down how the accident is affecting your current situation. Your attorney can even bring in doctors to testify on your behalf, proving without a doubt that your injuries are real.

Doctoral Referral from Insurance Company

After the injury, the insurance company most likely will recommend medical attention from their network of doctors. Although this seems like a friendly gesture on the surface, it could actually be a tactical maneuver to lower your disability rating. Their doctors may try to minimize your injuries, for example, to lower your worker's compensation amount.

You can thwart this unfair treatment by hiring a worker's compensation attorney. They will help you track down a doctor who's unbiased regarding your worker's compensation claim. You'll thus receive an objective report that fully details the types of injuries you're dealing with.

When it comes to filing for worker's compensation, there are many strict guidelines and red tape you have to deal with. That's what makes it so important to have a worker's compensation attorney by your side. They can take you through each step, tackling any challenges that could possibly affect your claim's status and benefits. 

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