Brain Injuries & Personal Injury Claims

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If you've been injured in a car wreck, you likely already know that even a relatively minor accident can cause a major upheaval in your life. The more serious the accident and the greater the injury the more it impacts you. The problem with some types of injuries, however, is that they may at first seem to be a lot less than they really are. One of these types of injuries are head injuries, so read to learn more about getting the compensation you deserve for the damage caused.

Head Injuries are Different

A broken leg is usually just a broken leg; the bones will knit and in time you can expect a full recovery. When it comes to injuries involving the brain, it can get more complicated. Even a minor blow can cause death, or permanent damage for the victim. Some of these injuries can go unnoticed, while they slowly cause more and more problems for the victim, and some take a while to show the full extent of the damage. An injury in the brain can result in everything from depression, mood disorders, anxiety to major problems with memory, concentration and cognitive issues.

Taking Action

If you get in a accident, get medical attention right away and continue to monitor yourself for symptoms of brain problems in the weeks following an accident. Seek care right away for any problems that pop up; it could save your life. It may be also helpful to begin keeping a journal after the accident. This will help you to keep up with symptoms and issues that arise, and could make any problems stand out. Journaling can serve several purposes; it will help you deal with stress of the accident, will help you keep up with potential brain issues and it will come in handy when you file suit against the careless driver.

Evaluating Damages

It cannot be overemphasized that you should not accept a settlement without determining the full extent any injury, and particularly a head injury. This type of injury has the potential to afflict you for the remainder of your life, impacting your ability to work and make a living and to enjoy your family.

You can be compensated for not just the medical expenses already incurred, but for future predicted expenses. You will need a personal injury attorney on your side to negotiate for the best possible settlement; one that addresses the special needs of someone with a head injury. To learn more about how to move forward with your case, contact resources such as Campbell, Dille, Barnett & Smith, P.L.L.C.