Three Bail Bond Questions And Concerns Addressed

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Being arrested and criminally charged is a traumatic experience to go through, but you will retain many important rights throughout this process. In particular, the right to post bail will be one of the more important tools that most people will have, and you should learn more about bail and the process of paying it so that you can be better prepared to utilize this right.  

Can You Have Your Bail Amount Adjusted?

One of the more common assumptions when it comes to a person's bail is that the amount set cannot be changed. However, there are many instances where it may be possible to petition to have the bail amount lowered. When making this petition, you will need to prove that the bail amount is too high. Also, you will need to provide evidence to help prove that the defendant will be unlikely to attempt to flee before their court date.

Will the Money You Pay for the Bail Bond Be Returned?

In order to have a bail bond issued, you will need to use a professional service, and this will require you to pay the fees and post the collateral. Individuals will often be under the assumption that they will receive these fees back at the end of the proceedings. Yet the fees are charged by the bail issuers, and they will be nonrefundable. The collateral that is used to secure the bail bond is refundable as long as you satisfy the requirements that were set forth by the court. The timetable for returning the collateral will vary, but it will usually only take a few days for the bail bond issue to process the required paperwork so that the claim to the collateral will be relinquished.  

Is Fleeing the Only Way You Can Lose Your Bail?

There are some individuals that will simply assume that their bail can only be revoked if they attempt to flee. However, this is not actually the case as there will likely be a number of stipulations in place that the defendant will have to meet. Additionally, individuals who get arrested for committing new crimes may have their bail revoked. Due to the potentially serious consequences that can follow having your bail revoked, it is important to ensure that you are on your best behavior and complying with any stipulations that the courts have put forward as part of your bail agreement. Luckily, this agreement will be given to you in writing so that you can review it.