Proving Your Pooch Did Not Bite Someone

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If you received word that your dog is being blamed for biting someone as they walked past your property, and you know for sure that they did not cause this injury, you will undoubtedly want to clear their name from any wrongdoing. The person who had become injured will most likely press charges against you in an attempt to receive compensation to pay for their medical bills. If however, your dog wasn't the one that had caused this injury you will need to rely on an adept lawyer and some wit to clear your dog's reputation in a court of law.

Rely On Surveillance To Prove Innocence

If you already have cameras on your property, you will have footage available to show to a court of law proving your dog's innocence in the entire matter. If however, it is your word against another person's word, you can try setting up surveillance cameras on your property to show how your dog responds to people when it is alone in your yard.

Taping your dog to show their demeanor when being confronted by both people they know and strangers, can be beneficial in show the response they have in most situations. You can have someone provoke the dog slightly to see if they respond in a defensive way as well. This information can be analyzed by a pet behaviorist to help prove your dog's personality would not be one likely to end in an attack.

Retain Documentation About Your Dog's Personality

Having professional opinions regarding your dog's personality can help prove they are not trained to attack or that they display signs of aggression. Take a trip to your dog's veterinarian to have a full physical done and have the doctor give you documentation showing they do not display unfavorable patterns in they way they handle situations. Consider bringing your dog to a training program to get a professional opinion on your dog's behavior from a trainer.

Get accounts from the people your dog sees regularly as well, including those who stop by the home only periodically, as this will show your dog is not spooked by those it comes into contact with only once in a while. Neighbors are also great witnesses and they may have seen something suspicious during the time of the incident that proves they had inflicted the injuries on themselves in some other manner in an attempt to get monetary compensation.

Rely On Your Attorney To Lead You In The Right Direction

Having a reputable attorney to represent you and your dog in a court of law is the best way to ensure a positive outcome. It is difficult to prove whether a dog is at fault without having proper representation. A lawyer, like LeBaron & Jensen, P.C., seasoned in previous dog bite cases will know the specific laws for your state, helping you to come up with a plan of action to use in proving your dog's innocence. They will use past cases to their advantage in coming up with an angle to prove the charges are unjust, helping you to obtain a cleared name of any wrongdoing as a result.