Refuting Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawsuits

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Unfortunate accidents can be an unavoidable part of life, and while these events can be financially devastating to many people. When you have been a victim in one of these accidents, it is important to note that you have the right to file a lawsuit against the party that is responsible for your injuries. While it is common for victims to be hesitant about filing lawsuits, it should be noted that this can be the only way that you can receive the compensation and justice that your injuries deserve.

Myth: Your Attorney Always Wants To Go To Trial

It is a particularly common assumption for accident victims to assume that their attorney will want to take their case to trial. While this may seem like it would make logical sense, it is far from the truth. Many attorneys will attempt to avoid immediately trying to get to trial in favor of negotiated settlements. A trial can be a long and expensive procedure, and there can be great uncertainty in the outcome. By working to come to terms on a negotiated settlement, it is possible to minimize these uncertainties and expenses, which can be beneficial to both the client and the attorney.  

Myth: You Have To Wait Until The Case Is Filed To Seek Care

Seeking medical care for serious injuries can be an expensive affair for victims of these cases. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that make the assumption that they will not be able to seek care until their lawsuit is filed or settled. Often, this belief stems from the idea that they should wait to receive treatment to help prove their injuries. However, this is unnecessary as the medical care provider will retain copies of the treatment logs for the patient. Another source of this belief may be that the patient will be unable to afford these treatments. Luckily, many attorneys can help arrange for treatment for their clients while the case is being addressed. This can be done by either negotiating a delayed payment for an independent provider or using a doctor that works with the attorney's patients.

Accident victims need to understand their full range of rights to ensure that they are able to effectively fight for justice against the individuals that are responsible for their injuries. Sadly, it can be difficult for you to be informed about your options in these cases when you give credit to common misconceptions about these legal matters. Having an appreciation for the fact that your attorney, such as Boucher Law Firm, may be able to resolve the matter without a trial and that you do not have to wait until the matter is resolved to seek care can help you to make better decisions.