Do's And Don'ts For Divorce

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Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences you go through in life. It can be particularly tricky if there are children involved. No one goes into a marriage expecting it to fail, but just in case you find yourself in this situation, you should be aware of some important do's and don'ts to protect yourself as much as possible.


  • Act rashly – It can be a hectic time in your life when you realize you are facing a divorce. It is important to try to keep your cool and make a plan to secure finances, residence, and security for any children. A good plan of action is to withdraw half the finances from the family bank account and open your own individual account, seek a residence that is within your budget, and file for custody.
  • Consult a lawyer – Before making any major changes, you should always consult your lawyer. This is important because it will provide you with legal protection so you don't make any mistakes that might have a negative effect on your divorce case. A lawyer will walk you through the appropriate actions as needed and answer any questions regarding the status of the case or anything else you may need.


  • Punish the children – When children are involved, it is crucial to play nice. Fighting dirty will just hurt the children more than it hurts the other spouse. Remember, you will be co-parenting these children together until they all reach adult age. Try not to argue around them, and keep them out of the entire mess as much as possible. Don't bad mouth the other spouse to the children or around them. It may be smart to sit down together as a family and explain the process to the children.
  • Disobey any laws – There are a lot of laws for each state regarding divorces. For instance, it may be your instinct to change the locks after kicking your spouse out of the house, but in certain states, this can be illegal and may get you in trouble with the law enforcement in your area. Emptying out your bank account may also be risky. Ask your lawyer before making moves like this.


Divorce is hard emotionally. It is easy to lose your cool and want to strike as hard at your spouse as possible. However, it is always better in the long run to play it smart and remember these do's and don'ts. For more tips, contact an experienced lawyer like Mira Staggers White