Three Steps For A Successful Child Custody Process

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Perhaps the most heart wrenching facets of divorce revolve around child custody disputes and arrangements. Because of this, you will need to remember some tips that will help you and your divorce attorney set forth the best plan possible. For that reason, take advantage of the information in this piece that will help you protect your rights and give you the child custody strategy that you need. 

Find Out The Laws Of Your Particular State

For your own knowledge and to make sure that you are equipped for court, it is vitally important that you learn the child custody laws set forth by your state. These laws vary greatly depending on where you live, so arming yourself with this information will be invaluable. For instance, in Virginia, the courts cater to the child's interests, such as their age, relationship with each parent and the child's wishes, when deciding who gets custody. Meanwhile, Nevada considers factors like the relationship with siblings and the amount of conflict that the parents have with one another, when considering the best custody situations. Understanding these variables fully and completely will give you the help that you need to build a solid case. 

Consider Hiring An Attorney For Your Child

One thing that many parents don't know or don't think about is that you are allowed to hire a lawyer for your child as well. If you and your spouse are afraid that your conflict is toxic to the point that it may cloud your intentions with the custody hearing, hiring a third attorney for the child might be the best course of action. This lets you keep the intentions pure, since the third attorney can't be coerced by any agenda, and will always keep the child's interest in mind. 

Take Advantage Of Mediation

Things don't have to get ugly in the courtroom, because mediation is available. Mediation allows you and your spouse to have sessions with a third party, in order to foster communication, compromise and negotiation. With good mediation, you will be able to come out of those sessions with an agreement that will become binding with a judge's signature. This not only fruitful in keeping the peace and making the best decisions, it also allows you to pay much less in court fees, while lowering your stress, since you reduce the amount of court hearings needed. 

Follow these three steps, so that your child custody process goes as smoothly as possible. 

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