Possible Complications Stemming From Auto Accidents While Pregnant

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Nobody would wish to develop pregnancy complications after an auto accident. However, you should know that different complications do occur for expectant victims of auto crashes. Knowing about these possible complications will help you not only to protect you and your baby's health, but also to bolster a personal injury claim. Remember, you may need the money for enhanced medical care for your condition. Here are some of the complications that may befall you:

Placental Abruption

This complication occurs when the placenta separates, either partially or fully, from the uterus. You are likely to experience it if something hits your abdomen directly. This is a serious injury that needs prompt medical care because it places both your life and the baby's life in danger.

This complication can manifest itself immediately after the impact or develop after some time. According to Mayo Clinic, you should suspect placental abruption if you are experiencing symptoms such as: 

  • Sudden onset of pain in the abdomen and back
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Rapid uterine contractions

Premature birth

Causes of premature birth include stress (physical and emotional) and injuries, both of which you are likely to experience after a car accident. This is one of the reasons you must seek medical care after a car accident if you are pregnant. It doesn't matter whether you are feeling any pain or not, some internal injuries may not have obvious signs, but the doctors will know what to do.


Though a miscarriage is rare, because your baby is well protected by the amniotic fluid, it is still a possibility. The risk of a miscarriage increases with the severity of the crash. The more direct force or injuries you experience in your abdomen area, the higher the risk of the amniotic sac (that holds the fluid) getting ruptured. Again, the value of seeking prompt medical care cannot be underestimated.

Birth Defect

Lastly, there is also the risk that you may give birth to a baby with a birth defect. The severity of the defect depends on the severity and type of injury. Although accident-caused birth defects are not very common, they are still risky because there might not be any associated symptoms. This means you will need constant health monitoring, which needs money too.

In short, the main things to remember about auto accident while pregnant are that you should:

  • Seek immediate medical attention if you are injured in an auto accident.
  • Inform your doctor about your pregnancy
  • Inform your lawyer about the pregnancy if filing a personal injury claim

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