A Criminal Defense Attorney

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Sometimes the difference between conviction and acquittal is how someone interprets the evidence in a case. When you are accused of a crime, you might feel overwhelmed, confused, and out of your depth. A good criminal defense attorney trains for years in order to understand how to build a case and carry it through all of the stages of a trial. If you are innocent, a lawyer is your best bet at proving it. If you are guilty, a lawyer will make sure that your rights are respected and you get a fair trial with a fair punishment for your crimes. 

Legal Rights

Any legal system is only as good as the people charged with enforcing it. Human error is one concern. A misplaced piece of evidence, an untrustworthy witness, or a moment of weakness can spell disaster for your case. While human error is a problem, you also have to consider people who try to bend the rules for whatever reason. A good lawyer will help you to know what your rights are at each stage of your trial and will help to protect you against those who would put your rights in jeopardy. You might not know exactly what your rights are or how they can be threatened, so trust a lawyer to see that you receive justice.

Building a Case

To win a case, you need more than a burning conviction of your own innocence, and you need more than facts. You might feel like as long as you have facts in your favor, you will come out on top, but the problem with facts is that someone always has to make sense of them. A lawyer will know how to build a solid case to make sure that a jury knows exactly what the facts are in your case. Telling a coherent story, interpreting various pieces of evidence, and putting the pieces of your case together so that they paint one definite picture is not something you should try to do on your own. 

Taking a case to court can be an overwhelming task, the sort of thing you should not attempt on your own. A lawyer will have the training, the legal team, and all of the resources necessary to show your case in the best light at court. Rather than try to take the legal system on by yourself, you should take your case to a lawyer. For more information about what a lawyer can do for you, contact a firm such as Druyon Law.