Why You May Need A Car Accident Lawyer Even When Not Driving

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Non-drivers can find themselves in civil court more often than they think. When this happens, these people may need to speak with an attorney before appearing before the judge.

It may seem unlikely that someone not behind the wheel would need an accident attorney. Believing in this assumption can lead to losing a lawsuit for damages.  

Here are some times in which non-drivers can be involved in vehicle accidents, necessitating legal counsel.

  • At Crosswalks

Crosswalks accidents are common in American cities. These incidents occur on college campuses, downtown streets and residential neighborhoods. Many drivers pay little attention to who is in the crosswalk. Wise pedestrians check for oncoming traffic before stepping into the lane. It is best to wait until the ongoing traffic is clear. Pedestrians who had the right of way, and took all safety precautions, can sue for damages incurred by drivers who failed to stop at a crosswalk.

  • On Buses

Bus accidents are common. Passengers on buses during accidents can suffer injuries. They then might want to sue the transit authority. These cases can be complex because it is not always certain who is at fault. Bus drivers, dispatchers and others all might share part of the blame. Even other passengers may have contributed to the negligence. For example, a passenger talking to the driver may cause him or her to take their eyes off the road.

  • In Parking Lots

Parked cars are particularly vulnerable to accidents. A car sitting in a lot has no defense against a wayward driver who causes damage. Someone may be at the office or in the shopping mall and have their car hit, banged or scratched by another driver. It may take time and court appearances to get access to closed circuit recordings of the accident. A lawyer can help get full disclosure of the evidence.

  • After Loaning a Vehicle

Last, a car loaned to another can result in an accident claim. Owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of those driving their cars. Allowing someone who is irresponsible, under the influence of alcohol or not in possession of a valid operating permit to borrow a car are all negligent acts that can result in a lawsuit.

Get Help

Any non-driver involved somehow with an auto accident should contact an attorney for advice. A firm, such as Sarkisian Law Offices, is the best source of information on the current law. They can begin a personal injury lawsuit or defend against a claim for damages.